5 Ways to Limber up Your Retail Employees Before Each and Every Shift


When you lead a team that does physical activity every day, it’s your job as supervisor to help keep your employees safe. When you provide a safe environment, you will save money in lawsuits and workers compensation. Here are 4 ways to limber up your retail employees before each and every shift.

Daily Pep Talk

At the beginning of every shift, gather the team together to review some of the most important safety procedures and give people the opportunity to ask questions. This will clear up any confusion, emphasize how important safety is to the company, and put a fresh reminder in everyone’s head. During the pep talk you can do some simple stretches to get everybody ready for the day.

Injury Prevention Program

If you work in a warehouse or somewhere else where injury is common, you need to have very clear procedures in place. Part of these procedures should include work injury prevention programs. The program will get everyone together before a shift to get everyone to do some simple stretches and exercises that will get the body ready for the ready of the shift. Just a couple of minutes before a shift can drastically reduce injuries and stimulate the muscles.

Safety Posters

Put up a number of different posters around the warehouse with an emphasis on different safety procedures. The posters should be in prominent locations where everyone will be able to read them. The posters should be detailed and easy to read.

Provide a Gym on Premises

You want your team to be fit in order to handle the physical requirements of the job. To help them stay in shape, consider proving a gym on site. The employees can use the gym before or after work to help remain fit. You can also do physical activities as a company, such as running a marathon.

Clothing Requirements

People should not be able to work if they are not in appropriate attire. Ensure that everyone is wearing skid-free shoes and safe clothing. They also need to wear the proper safety equipment. If someone is not in appropriate gear, they should be sent home to get the right gear.

When your team is safe, they are able to get more done. Mistakes on the job happen, but it’s up to you to minimize the likelihood of them happening. These tips can help keep people limber, and it will help establish how important safety is to you and your company.

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