Developing Recreational Estates to Attract Visitors


Recreational real estate can be an excellent investment if you are willing to put some work into developing these properties. With growing interest in leisure activities, more people and their families are seeking to escape daily work and stress to enjoy getaway time doing things they love. Here are some popular development opportunities that could attract a number of interested buyers.

Water Sports

Land with bodies of accessible water, such as creeks, ponds, rivers, lakes, or coastal shores offer exciting fishing opportunities with the proper license, stocking of appropriate fish, and gear. Swimming, wading, snorkeling, and boating are additional recreational activities that people love to enjoy on weekends or long holidays. Whether they buy these properties as their primary residence or as a vacation home, they can also use the setting to entertain family and friends.


Seasonal hunting lodges or cabins are an irresistible lure for many. When you equip the property with a stand for monitoring prey to be hunted or allow woodland areas to remain standing as cover for wildlife, these properties provide sporting areas for individuals or hunting parties at certain times of the year. Some companies, like Michigan Whitetail Properties, know that wildlife may abound naturally or can be imported year-round or as needed.


Mini-farms are a great source of pride and enjoyment for weekend farmers or those who are preparing to retire from full-time employment. Produce can be raised for fall harvest and canning or sold locally to interested markets. A petting farm of domestic farm animals like sheep, cows, horses, and goats can teach kids responsibility in caring for animals and the environment. Providing barns, corrals, pastures, and pens for animals of this type or ensuring that adequate space is available can be a major selling point.


A plot of land with smooth fields or groves for camping is a big draw for those who want to experience the pioneer lifestyle on getaway weekends from urban life. Areas can be cleared or filled to provide camping areas comfortable and convenient for potential buyers.


Properties with walking trails or areas where trails can be easily made will attract people who love nature and want to walk the trails while enjoying scenic views. Hills, valleys, waterways with walking bridges, and similar terrain will be of interest to active hikers in search of recreational real estate.

Consider land development for recreational use to avoid the cost and time of building homes in out-of-the-way areas. You can often find great deals on undeveloped property that awaits outdoor lovers looking for an exciting or relaxing pastime.

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