How Tight-Budget Individuals Can Afford Family Law Services


Even if someone has less than average income, this does not mean a person is beyond needing legal help for themselves or their family. Maybe they are attempting to adopt a child, settle a custody matter or are filing for divorce. These kinds of situations typically require the help of an attorney. If a person is financially restricted to a tight budget, they may still be able to afford family law services in one fashion or another.

Take a Second Job

Sometimes a second job can dramatically improve a person’s financial situation, even if it isn’t a full time position. It may simply be the easiest way to obtain the money required to hire an attorney to address family-based law needs. Side jobs like driving Uber, door-dash, freelance writing, and other sources of side income can be incredibly helpful when trying to make ends meet. This can certainly eat into an individual’s spare time, but this course of action would ideally be temporary. Thankfully, it is not the only option that is available to people with tight budgets.

Settle Out of Court

One way to make a family law need affordable is to consider settling out of court. Sometimes a family lawyer can find a quick solution that works for both parties without the cost of dragging everyone involved into a courtroom. Thus, the fee for such a service may be minimal. Also, this approach could significantly reduce any unwanted drama that would more likely be displayed before a judge.

Visit a Law School

A lot of universities have law students to take on clients and cases. Often many of these student attorneys in-training will be willing to provide free legal help to low income clients for practice, as many need the experience to build up their This might be an easy way to avoid hefty legal fees from a more established attorney or law firm.

Contact the County or State Bar Association

Often a local county or state bar association can help provide guidance in legal matters. By contacting this organization, a person will typically be given access to an attorney who can answer their questions or help them to understand various legal procedures. Alternatively, the bar association may be able to direct an individual to low cost legal counsel.

Once a person has some idea of where to turn for low budget legal counsel, the next step is to get the ball rolling on their legal issues. These kinds of situations will typically not work themselves out, and there is rarely a good reason to put these matters off for a later time. Since there is no time like the present, then it is time to figure out which legal avenues and options will serve your needs the best.

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