Building Open Communication Between You and Your Tenants While Working Remotely


As a property owner with tenants, it is important to remain available to them as much as possible. They depend on you for the safety of their homes and to ensure that any problems will be promptly addressed. To build more open communication between you and your renters, consider some of the following strategies.

Mobile Phone

Most people carry a mobile phone with them wherever they go. If not, they can usually get to a smart phone or regular phone to check messages occasionally. Mobile phones allow you to receive phone calls and text messages as well as download emails, so you can stay in touch with renters even when you are out of the area. If you don’t want to give renters your personal number, you can set up the office phone to divert calls to your phone. If you don’t want to answer right away, encourage your tenants to leave messages and promise to respond within a reasonable time.


If you’re spending time working on the computer, you can check email frequently to see if renters are trying to reach you. In fact, with a website dedicated to your rental properties, tenants can post a message and wait for your reply. You may be able to set up a frequently asked questions section or a chat line to deal with common issues, such as a plumbing problem or a broken appliance.

Frequent Check-ins

To maintain personal privacy, some landlords text, email, or call their tenants routinely to see how things are going. You may want to inspect the premises monthly or twice a year to catch any problems early. Prompt detection often leads to cheaper repairs rather than waiting for a major problem to develop that may require replacing a costly appliance or system. You can also let tenants know when you will be available to take calls or stop by the house or apartment to check out a problem.

Property Manager

Landowners who often travel for work or leisure may not always be readily available to address tenant issues. In this case, you can hire a property management company to care for your rental units and assist tenants with any problems while you’re away. For a monthly fee, experienced managers can oversee your properties and make sure everything is well cared for, including lawn care, utility bills, or other responsibilities associated with the property.

Keeping in touch with your tenants will generally lead to a higher level of satisfaction for both landlord and tenant. Let your renters know when you will be available and how to get in touch if needed. Alternatively, advise them of your property manager’s contact information.

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