4 Essential Home Repairs That Will Improve Your Energy Efficiency


It’s possible to reduce energy waste and help the planet by making certain improvements to your home. These home improvements can also save you money in the long run because of the reduction in energy waste and may even help increase your property’s value. Here are four essential home repairs that will improve your energy efficiency.

Seal Openings

Certain openings around your home may be allowing energy to escape, which can cost you more money. The cold winter drafts and hot summer air blasts that get in through these openings can also require more energy to heat and cool the inside of your home. Openings that should be sealed are often found around the edges of doors and windows, and you can seal these openings with reliable caulking. Drywall and spackling material can be used to seal large and small holes in walls and ceilings.

Replace Old Insulation

The insulation materials that are used to help regulate the temperatures inside your home may be worn out because of old age or damage. Pests may have also gotten into the materials to use as bedding, and this can create health and safety hazards for you and your family. It’s best to replace all old insulation with a high-quality material to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Fiberglass, cellulose and mineral wool are among the most reliable insulation material options.

Have Heater and Air Conditioner Repaired

The heater and air conditioner that you use for your home could have underlying problems that are causing them to use more energy than they should. It’s recommended that you have your units professionally inspected to determine if they should be repaired or replaced. If you require air conditioning or heating repair service, you can have new parts installed that will make your unit perform at its best while running on less energy.

Repair Plumbing Leaks

Any openings along your pipelines or drippy faucets can result in a lot of wasted water. If you’re experiencing any hot water leaks, the energy that’s required to heat the water will also be wasted, which can make your utility bills go up dramatically. Some plumbing leaks can possibly be fixed by yourself with your own tools, but certain leaks that require specialized tools and skills to repair should be addressed by a professional plumber.

Your home can be a greener environment if you make the right home repairs. These repairs can also ease some of your financial burden by cutting down on your energy use.

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