How to Get the Most Savings Out of a Roof Installation


Replacing your roof with a new one is a great way to make your home safer from rainfall leaks or crumbling debris. However, a roof installation is not cheap, even if your home insurance policy will cover part of the cost. So you probably want to consider ways of saving money on this important property investment. Read on to see how to get the most savings out of a roofing installation.

Combine Jobs

While getting the roof replaced, find out how much it would cost to have the company also replace your gutters and downspouts. Having all the work done at the same time could cut transportation costs, and materials might be cheaper when purchased in bulk. You can also cut costs associated with later transport at another time for the subsequent projects and picking up supplies when everything is done at the same time. The company might offer a reduced price for getting more work with the roofing job.

Contractor’s Discount

Even without extra work in addition to the roofing job, certain contractors might offer a discount if they have the materials in stock or if they are working on another roof close by. Compare prices by getting estimates from at least three roofing installation contractors to see where the cost could be potentially reduced and ask if a discount is available. If work is slow at the time, the contractor may be willing to lower the price to get the job.

Compare Supplier Prices

It is also a good idea to compare supplier pricing when ordering materials for your roof replacement. Various dealers occasionally offer discounted costs when you purchase by credit or when your spend a certain amount on purchases. Seasonal sales may also help to make pricing more competitive. Always ask if the dealer expects the price to drop in the near future so that you can possibly wait a few days to get lower prices.

Be Flexible

Contractors have been known to install a roof more cheaply if they can do it on their terms. For example, a busy contractor might be willing to install your new roof at a lower cost if you will let him do it over a couple of weekends or during a few evenings after his other work is done. Referring the contractor to someone you know who needs a new roof might also lead to a price reduction, especially if you are willing to share the contractor’s time with the other person’s job.

Explore ways of saving money on your new roof. Shop around for quotes and ask questions to get the best price.

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