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The Profit Junkie Podcast – Ep. 030 – Rod Khleif

Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about entrepreneurship and giving back. As one of the country’s top business, real estate, and peak performance luminaries, Rod has owned over 2,000 homes and apartment buildings and has built over 22 businesses in his 40-year career, several of which have been worth tens of millions of dollars.

Rod soared from humble beginnings as a young, impoverished Dutch immigrant to incredible success. His experience involves both remarkable triumphs and spectacular failures, which he refers to as seminars. Rod brings incredible insight to his approach to real estate, business, success, and life.

Rod also founded The Tiny Hands Foundation which has benefited more that 75,000 community children in need or bounce back from financial devastation.

Listen to this powerful Profit Junkie Podcast episode with Rod Khleif about having the right mindset and setting goals to become successful.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

  • How writing down your goals to trigger your subconscious filter will help you achieve them.
  • Why you have to put a time limit on your goals to make them real and attainable.
  • How the power of visualizing your goals will make them come to fruition.
  • How you should write down what will happen if you don’t obtain your goals to motivate yourself.
  • Why you shouldn’t indulge in your limiting beliefs because they only hold you back.

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