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The Profit Junkie Podcast – Ep. 029 – John Parkes

John Parkes is a Master at driving web traffic. For more than five years now John has been a coach and stage presenter to tens of thousands of marketers looking to up their Facebook ads game. As VP of Traffic at ClickFunnels he runs the entire organic and paid traffic teams and dominates the markets he jumps into. Having spent millions in ads and generated tens of millions he knows his way around ad campaigns like the back of his hand. John has been featured on several podcasts: FunnelHacker Radio, Just The Tips, Next Level Facebook Ads Podcast, Trent Talks, and The Big Shift to name a few. Whether it’s optimizing things on the campaign, audience, or ad creative level, John is the man with the skills, strategy, and experience to create world class results.

Listen to this powerful Profit Junkie Podcast episode with John Parkes about using ClickFunnels to build sale’s funnels.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

  • Why you should hire people to do the tasks that you don’t want to or aren’t as good at.
  • How releasing smaller versions of your product can lead to more customers.
  • The importance of feeding into the algorithm and AI on Facebook and GoogleAds.
  • Why you need to tell Facebook the specific audience you’re targeting and the results you want.
  • How to find the sweet spot so you aren’t showing up in people’s feeds too often and wasting money on that ad.

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