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The Profit Junkie Podcast – Ep. 025 – Daniel Ramsey

Daniel Ramsey is the founder & CEO of MyOutDesk, the highest rated Virtual Assistant company in the marketplace with over hundreds of 5-star reviews, and over 10 years of experience, serving more than 5000 clients – including over half of the RealTrends™ Top 10 teams.

Daniel is a long-time licensed real estate broker who has sold hundreds of homes and made millions in commissions, and built real estate’s #1. Back in 2008, he was inspired by his own time-management struggles to find a better way to help agents leverage their time & energy, and created MyOutDesk to provide a trusted, reliable solution to the office administration, marketing & prospecting tasks that every agent has – but most lack the time to focus on.

Listen to this powerful The Profit Junkie Podcast episode with Daniel Ramsey about how to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

  • How to combat the uncertainty that COVID-19 brought to many businesses.
  • Why video and chat channels are so crucial for working remotely.
  • The importance of keeping our economy going right now.
  • How salespeople need to add value to for their customers.
  • Why checking in on potential clients right now is more important than asking for the sale.

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