Scams Can Be Worse Than the Disease

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As usual when something major happens in the world, those who love a good scam come out to take advantage of people. The current COVID-19 issue is no exception.

1Take for instance the main image for this post. The text, from a 650 area code, reads…

Anna, $1000 to help you past the outbreak has been pre-accepted, claim by clicking

Of course if you choose to click the link… which you should not do… they will ask for personal information. Likely your banking information so they can “direct deposit” the money.

If you’ve read similar posts in our blog, you know not to click links in random emails or texts. It’s a great way for you to lose money rather than gain.

2This morning I received a notice from our local power company. Apparently there are scammers going door to door claiming to represent that company.

Let’s forget for a moment that it is certainly not a time to be inviting strangers into your home. But if someone comes to your door, ask for their official identification. If they are reluctant, or “don’t have it”, don’t let them in and ask them to leave your property. If they provide identification, contact the company they claim to represent with the information.

And don’t call a number that they give you. Look up the customer support number and call that. They could easily have an accomplice manning their “official” number.

Whatever you can do to keep yourself safe, you should do. Everyday.

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