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How to Save Money With Your Home Plumbing


Plumbing is often one of the biggest home expenses, but you can save money on your home plumbing by keeping a few smart tips in mind. Reducing your plumbing expenses will allow you to hold onto more of your money so that you can invest it in other household needs. Here are some of the best ways to save money with your home plumbing.

Install Water-Efficient Fixtures

Some modern plumbing fixtures have been designed to function while using less water, and this can greatly reduce your monthly water bill. Water-efficient toilets can flush just as well and can be good for all the bathrooms in your home. Water-efficient faucets are great for sinks, and you can choose from many different styles to enhance your home’s interior. There are even water heaters along with clothes and dish washers that are designed to run with less water.

Check Your Water Heater’s Temperature

Your water heater’s temperature may be set higher than what’s needed, and this can waste energy along with your money. By lowering the temperature by even just a few degrees, you might be able to save a lot of money on your plumbing and energy over time. However, it’s recommended that you set the temperature to no lower than 140 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent legionella and other potentially harmful microorganisms from growing in the water.

Get the Necessary Plumbing Services

It’s never a good idea to hesitate on getting the plumbing services that your plumbing system needs to function properly. There are reputable companies that provide low-cost residential plumbing services that are still excellent in quality. Leaky pipes and fixtures should be fixed right away to keep bigger problems from occurring. It’s also important to have the recommended maintenance work done on your system to help you avoid future problems that could be costly.

Know Where Shutoff Valves are Located

A leak in a plumbing fixture or another part of your plumbing system can occur suddenly, and knowing where all the shutoff valves are located will allow you to turn off the water faster to avoid wasting any more water or suffering water damage. Damaged pipes and toilets can even end up flooding the inside of your home quickly if the shutoff valves aren’t turned right away.

Saving money on your residential plumbing is possible, even without having to count the minutes of your showers. By following these tidbits of advice, you’ll be on your way to reducing the cost of your home’s plumbing needs in no time.

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