Let’s Play Games: 4 Ways to Make it in the Gaming Market


The video game industry is undeniably massive and influential. Because video games are a hobby for many, you may be wondering how you can turn your passion into your career. Here are four options to pursue.

Become an Employee of a Game Developer

The most obvious path to working in the video game industry is to seek a job at a game developing company. There are hundreds of game studios operating throughout the world, some bigger and some smaller. This is a good option for someone who enjoys games and has a particular skillset that can be used to make them, such as programming or digital artistry. This is also one of the best options if a steady paycheck is a must.

Develop Your Own Games

Another option to enter the video game industry is to create your own game. To achieve this, you will need to do much of the work yourself in addition to hiring other creative professionals to help you. Fortunately, there are many game creation engines around, like Unreal Engine and RPGMaker. These kinds of platforms make creating your own game much easier. You will likely need capital to develop your game, which is why it is important to understand and utilize best practices crowdfunding.

Stream or Post Gaming Videos

Streaming or posting videos of gameplay has become big business on sites such as Twitch and YouTube. If you are entertaining and willing to put forth the effort to build a platform around your videos, this is a very fun way to make it in the gaming market. You should plan to create a brand as well as a video stream to update regularly in order to maintain and grow your viewership.

Write Game Review

With the sheer number of new games that now come out every year, gamers are increasingly turning to trusted reviewers and publications to help them determine if a game is worth their time and money. This gives game commentators and reviewers a critical role in the gaming market. You can work as a reviewer by starting your own blog, working as a staff writer at a major video game publication, or contributing content as a freelance writer. You will get to play the games you want or the games you are directed to by your editor before writing your opinion about them.

There is no one way to make it in the video game market. Individuals have many options depending on their skills and what they want to do, and there are sure to be new possibilities as technology changes going forward. For the moment, the ideas outlined above are all very viable options to make it in the gaming industry.

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