3 New Business Opportunities You Can Finance


While opportunities to expand business operations can often provide a substantial return of investment, businesses with limited operational capital or financial resources may be hard pressed to cover the cost of an expansion out of pocket. Financing options can often provide the funds needed but not every opportunity may be worth the additional long-term expense. Recognizing which business opportunities you can best finance helps to minimize any long-term financial risk.

Creating Your Own Mobile App

Today’s consumers are choosing to conduct their everyday business through a smartphone or mobile device in greater numbers than ever before. While lacking a dedicated mobile app can be a serious liability, covering the costs of application development out of pocket could end up placing too much strain on your bottom line. Financing the cost of a development can often be the best approach to take, especially for organizations whose chief concern is the lost revenue and missed business opportunities that may be the result of not having their own mobile app.

Expanding to a New Location

Expanding to a new location is often the most effective way to capitalize on current market conditions, consumer trends and the other factors that may be contributing to your business’s current financial success. While a major expansion could prove quite lucrative in the long run, the short-term startup costs involved in opening a new location can be a major obstacle. Financing the cost of an expansion ensures that your business will be better positioned to take advantage of current and near-future market trends.

Delivery Services

Having to outsource your product distribution, warehouse delivery or similar services can be a very expensive proposition. While managing your own delivery process is a great way to lower overhead costs, the initial investment needed to purchase a fleet of vehicles via arrow truck sales can be a necessary expense. Financing options can provide your business with the added purchasing power needed to cover such costs. However, once you have your fleet and drivers ready you can make money back by completing your contracts. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who wants to go from a truck driver to a business owner.

Capitalizing on Time-Sensitive Opportunities

Opportunities can be fleeting and businesses that lack the financial means to pursue them could find themselves at a major disadvantage. While interest rates may constitute a significant long-term expense, there are still plenty of business opportunities that may be well worth the cost. Waiting until your organization has the funds needed to pay for a major expansion out of pocket could prove to be a very costly misstep.

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