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4 Tips to Budgeting New Business Startup Costs


Starting a new business venture can be a costly proposition, especially for those who fail to outline the potential financial costs of their new startup. From renting an office or commercial workspace to obtaining and maintaining all relevant business licenses, there are a number of issue that need to be addressed. A few financial tips can help you to forecast your new business’s expenses with greater ease and accuracy.

Rental Costs

The physical workspace or retail environment of a new business often accounts for one of the biggest monthly expenses. Rental costs can vary depending on factors like size, location or the age of a building, so you may have a little wiggle room. Virtual offices are another option to consider, especially if situations where finding ways to save money is your main priority.

Utility Services

Water, power and other basic utilities can quickly add up. Estimating how much strain utility services may end up placing on your monthly budget can make an important difference, especially for restaurants and other types of businesses that may need to remain operational for months or even years before they can become profitable. Shopping around for the best deal on your utility services can also be a smart way to shave a little off your monthly bills.

Phone, Fax and, Internet

Depending on the nature of your operation, there are numerous business communications solutions that you may need to invest in. Options like digital fax services and VoIP make it possible to consolidate multiple service accounts and trim costs. Be wary of any service plans that do not offer flat rates as anticipating the needs, demands and workload that will be placed on your staff before your business has even launched can be notoriously difficult

Business Licensing

While licenses and certifications are mostly minor expenses, that are also frequently overlooked. Outlining any additional fees, hidden costs or penalties for failing to maintain your license can also help you to plan more effectively. Keeping all business licenses current and in good standing can be an important issue for your organization.

A more detailed and accurate financial budget can be a powerful planning tool. From raising sufficient startup and operational capital to determining how long until your new venture is in the black, budgeting for a new business can be an issue of tremendous importance. Having a better grasp on startup costs helps to ensure that nothing important goes overlooked.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.

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