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The Profit Junkie Podcast – Ep. 005 – David Asarnow

Jake Randall: All right, well, welcome to the program everybody. I am so excited about today’s guest. Today’s guest is an expert in marketing and monetization. His name is David Asarnow and I am really excited for you guys to get to know him and to take some of his best ideas and implement them in your business. David, thanks for joining us on the program today.

David Asarnow: Thank you for having me here, Jake.

Jake Randall: Well, real quick. So for those of our listeners who don’t know you, tell us a little bit about what you do, what your business is and what you do.

David Asarnow: Well, my business is Business Nitrogen and our whole plan is to ignite, inspire, and create impact. Ignite our client’s business, inspire them to achieve more than frankly, they even believe that they can when they come to us. And have them created a greater impact in not only their life in the lives of the people that they touch. And we touch. And we do all of this through funnel marketing and media. Really it’s creating a funnel. It’s having that media message that really creates an impact and connects with their audience.

Jake Randall: Do you find that most of those people that your clients, when they come to you, are they just totally doing a thousand things but not doing anything well. Tell me about that first client and how they usually come in through the door.

David Asarnow: Well, that’s a loaded question, and yes and yes and no. There are some people who have a really good program and they’re already generating hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. I mean, we have clients who come in that are already doing eight figures and they’re looking at, okay you either have more money than time or more time than money. And if you have more money than time, you want the best of the best to be able to take something, plug and play and be able to get babies like this two comma club X award that we have right behind us here.

Jake Randall: I’m going to interrupt you real quick just to say, cause so that people that don’t know that the two comma club X means he’s generated $10 million through a funnel through an online sales funnel. It’s pretty remarkable.

David Asarnow:  This one’s for 25 million. So some people come in, they already have something and then we may have someone come to us and says, “Oh my gosh, I’ve gone through every bit of training. I’ve been interviewing consultants. I hired someone else for a power day and they created this whole funnel map. And yet I don’t know how to launch it.”

And I’ll ask the question. “So what’s your offer?”

“Well we need to create that?”

“Well, I can map out a whole funnel map for you too. Let’s talk about who you are, what’s your identity, and who do you really want to serve and why do you want to serve them.” And so I’ll give you an example for this.

So that’s someone who has a dream. They have a dream to launch something on their own to step out of the corporate America to make it no longer a side hustle. Make it a full time gig. And for someone like that, I said, “We really need to identify who you are. What makes you unique? Why are people going to stop? The people who aren’t really happy.” Because there’s a whole group of people in this, this thing called the Red Ocean, okay? The people who are buying products and services where everyone is feeding, there’s a lot of unhappy people. “Why are they going to even pay attention and look at you?” And when someone comes to me like that, we really want to help identify who they are. Okay? So for this person, we came up with an unbelievably, I believe it’s a movement, just literally on the theme of the topic alone. We launched out a weekend event and I said, “If haven’t sold anything before, you’ve never sold anything. You’re even out of a product.”

Now I believe selling something and creating it on the fly, minimum viable product, I totally do. Unless you’ve never created a product before, and you don’t know what you’re selling. You’ve got to make sure that it resonates first. So I said, “Here’s a really easy idea we can don’t even have to do as a funnel. We can create an Event Brite page. You can have a weekend event, we’ll drive some ads, get people to show up, and you’ll teach your curriculum and you’re going to record it and you’re going to create a product on the fly. But more importantly, you’re going to be able to see how you’re communicating with someone.” So if someone comes in with nothing. We’ll do that.

Now we did a funnel. They had over 20 people the first event and she sold a hundred percent of the room on her upsell and now she’s really convicted and we’ve actually launched on Friday. So someone could come with nothing and someone could come already at an eight figure plus business and we have a team of 25 plus people that do everything from media, from marketing, from design branding, everything. So depending upon what someone needs, we can help them walk along.

Jake Randall:  I think that’s so important too because I think a lot of people don’t really know what’s missing. They have a lot of good pieces of the puzzle, right? But they don’t know how to put the final pieces together. And that’s kind of where I think you seem like you really have nailed down. Where you can find I guess gold buried in them hills right there with each client. Right.

David Asarnow: I mean I think I’m blessed with a gift, and I’m grateful for it. When someone talks to me about their business and I ask questions like, “Well tell me everything you’re doing right now.” I always thought, “Well, what about this? What about this? What about this”? And I find the holes that are missing and then we lay out a plan connecting all the dots together. So it really begins with a plan, a strategic map. Mapping out exactly what you want to create, why you want to create it. And then we can look at all on the front end and then the back end in order to be able to get it off the ground.

Jake Randall:  That’s awesome. So how did you get into this David? What brought you to today?

David Asarnow: How did I get into funnel marketing? I was creating marketing funnels before there was funnels.

So back about… well let’s look at it. I can go all the way back. I always learned about, I used to sell one-on-one and I did really well with high ticket sells. I mean I grew a business to $45 million annually for someone else. It started a new division and I created something, which I now call the target 25. you pick 25 people that you want to do business with, just 25 and doing this of these and five of those 25 could change your life, how would you treat them differently than if it was just an email list? And I was literally able to get in the cold calls with McDonald’s, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Starbucks, et cetera, using this methodology. Today, we took it into how do you do it with the influencers that you would want to work with online.

So how did I get started? Well, it began there and I realized that if I wanted to create more leverage, I couldn’t do it just one on one, to be able to do that. Because that’s a slow method. I mean, going into one of those people, they’re not going to sign up and give you millions of dollars overnight. I mean, some of those relationships took two years, three years to build. Were they worth millions of dollars annually. Yes. It took that time. So I learned about leverage, which was speaking to the public. Believe it or not, I was definitely scared to get up in front of a room, heck even the give a sales meeting when I first got started, I was great one-on-one, put me in front of a room and everything started shaking.

So I took speaker training and what happened, I launched a company that was a national franchise company. And one back in 2008 one of my franchisees, Tracy Gorman, she said, “Hey Dave, have you heard of this thing called YouTube?”

 And I said, “Tell me about it. Seriously.” She was great.

And she said, “It’s a way to put videos online. And I think that if you put some videos online, it would help us attract more people and you could attract more ideal franchisees.”

So I had gotten interviewed at a franchise show and it was like an eight minute clip. You can still find it today by putting my name in YouTube and putting in franchise. And I look the same except I didn’t have gray hair. And literally putting that on the front end of our website and making it the qualifier and then actually having an application funnel. Which was we had an application funnel back in 2008, we were literally able to cut down the amount of money we’re spending on cold traffic and we actually had just, it was really cool system we had set up back then. It was really a drip marketing system that we set up. When someone opened up the email, my sales guy would get notified that so-and-so is watching your video. I’d tell them to wait about seven minutes into the video, so seven minutes after that click, he would call them up and back then they would say, “Oh my gosh, you won’t believe this. I’m watching Dave’s video right now. No way.” What happened is we were using funnel marketing and automation systems before they became popular.

Now about five years into it, we grew it into an eight figure franchise company, top 15 hot ranked franchise, and it was time for me to move on to something else. I think I like to start things, which my business is great for now because I get to start a lot of things every single month for a lot of our clients. And this business I’ve now been doing for a decade, so I’m not bored yet.

So I started working part time for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. And I got to work with thousands upon thousands of business owners helping them develop their concepts on the fly, help them monetize and more effectively, et cetera. And when Chet Holmes passed away, I went full time into my business and that’s when things really started blossoming. And we were doing websites, funnel marketing before there was actually a software called Click Funnels, et cetera. We were doing optimization of websites back then. So when I learned about Click Funnels, it was really just a natural transition. It was just shifting softwares that we were using, that’s all.

Jake Randall: I still remember hearing on the radio ads for the Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins thing. That was like a (no longer valid), or something like that.

David Asarnow: Yes. That’s it. “Hi, this is Tony Robbins.”

And, “Hi, this is Chet Holmes, author of the ultimate sales machine.”

Jake Randall: Good memory, that’s a good memory. Thanks for bringing that back from the trenches.

David Asarnow: Short story in regard to that. So I literally for the first two weeks, and this is where most people give up. And if you’re listening to this right now, fail forward fast, fail often. So when I started, they hired about five of us at the same time become speakers. And we only got compensated if people bought their four or $5,000 business mastery, ultimate business mastery program. We got straight commission. And in the first two weeks I sold no one. I mean, they’re like, “Don’t give up. Don’t give up.” Here’s the thing. Once I ingrained it in me and I was able to then speak it from myself, within 90 days, I became their top closer, increasing their close ratio by over 64%.

Jake Randall:  Oh my gosh.

David Asarnow: So most people would quit and some of them did, because giving a new talk and you’re promoting Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes versus doing it for yourself, is a bit humbling when you’re trying to build yourself as a speaker at the time.

Jake Randall:  Yeah.

David Asarnow: I can tell you unequivocally it was the best experience I ever had because I was giving keynotes every single day. Well, not every day, three to five days a week. Okay. Sometimes twice a day. And what it did was that repetition was a mother of all skill, as Tony says. And I literally over and over and over again and it made me, it helped me. So whoever is listening to this right now, if you suck in the beginning, pardon my French, it’s okay. As long as you know what you want to do and continue moving forward.

Jake Randall: That’s kind of related to another interesting thing that you’re doing. You have something called a boost group. I mean you’re talking about speaking and getting your message out. Do you want to kind of talk a little about, maybe tie that into your boost club and tell them what that is and because I think that kind of dovetails nicely there, I think.

David Asarnow: I created… Well, we created my company. I say I because my amazing director of social media came up with this idea. So I can’t claim it. I could claim it, I don’t claim it. Give attribution where attribution is deserved. And what happened was one of my clients called me out. They called me out and said, because I’ve been telling my clients go live. If you don’t have a following, if no one knows who you are, you could spend a lot of money driving cold traffic or you can start building fans a lot less expensive. And those fans will invest in you. So one of my clients who had done this in the natural health care world, he had over 50,000 views on this video, 30,000 in this video. He started growing his business best month after month after month.

And on one of our calls he said, “Dave, you tell us to do this, and you talked about living it to lead it. And you’re not living it and you’re not leading it.” And it was sort of like bam, smack me down.

And I smiled and I’m like, “Yeah, you’re right.” And I said, “I tell you to do this because I have clients lining up every day. We have people opting in to do business with us every day. And you’re right.” And I know myself, so what I did was I said, “How about we do a challenge?” And we literally on the fly came with the idea of the one million followers challenge. So in fact, if anyone wants to check it out and we’ll talk about the boost group, can I give them a URL?

Jake Randall: Yeah, please do.

David Asarnow: If you’re listening to this in 2020 I bet you can guess the URL will be 2020, (not currently active).

And so what happened is we, I aligned myself with a friend of mine who actually had the first YouTube video that not only hit a million followers in a day. He went and did over 7 million video views in a week. So my friend Christa and I are co-hosting this, this program called the million followers challenge. Inside of it. We have a free, it’s free to join right now anyway, it’s free to join. And we have a private group and in the group when people join, we created something called the boost group, or we call it the boost cloud. Because here’s the thing, especially today in social media, Facebook is deciding who’s videos are going to be shown to you based upon interaction. And they’re going to show it out more if a lot of people are watching it and engaging with it right away. So the people who are part of this program, we created the boost group and anytime you go live or post a social media post on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, people can put it in here and it says, “Hey, could you show me some love.”

And people go to the video. They like it. They can even play it in the background so that way you get the play through, because all these things are measurement that if you were going to be buying it you could hurt yourself. But because everyone’s doing it from there phones, Facebook trusts it and knows that it’s a reliable source and all of a sudden boom, we’re helping everyone.

So the whole attitude, with the thought process, all ships go higher together. That’s what really, this whole thing. I was joking about on the video, if it’s still live is we’re going to compete to a million, I’m going to kick your butt. The fact of the matter is I jokingly say really this is all about collaboration. And the boost group that we created is all about collaborating together.

Jake Randall: That’s such a cool idea. So I mean just for maybe those who are maybe a little less sophisticated on the Facebook thing. So what I hear you saying David, is if I’m a real estate agent and I go live, do a Facebook live for my video and I’m talking about whatever, the 10 reasons why you should list with me or whatever. And Facebook, they look at that and say, “Are people engaging with this quickly? And if they are, I’m going to show it to more people, right?

David Asarnow: And then people aren’t engaging with it quickly and you have crickets. It’s probably not going to get shown to a lot of people.

Jake Randall: It turns into fake news. Right. But what you’ve done is you’ve sort of created a way to sort of bypass that system and get an important message out and not, I don’t want to say trick, but motivate Facebook,

David Asarnow: I’ll call it influence. If you think about it, one of the things you do monetize it. You have to influence a lot of people to make a decision to say, “Yes.” Well we’re influencing Facebook to show your video to more people who they think would also like your message.

Jake Randall: Yeah. I think it’s great, especially, and I think it would work for every business, right? But I can see a lot of our listeners who maybe are small contractors or salespeople, but trying to get their message out. I think that is that is a… If you didn’t write that down, go back and listen to that again. That was gold, David. That was awesome. And we gave them the link, right? They, they’ll learn more about that they go to the right place?

David Asarnow: I have another URL, it’s, it’s just easier for people to remember, 2019 Social Media Challenge.

Jake Randall: Yeah, I agree. That’s awesome. So on The Profit Junkie Podcast, we always talk about two things, making money and then making sure it drops to the bottom line. And just wanted to ask you, do you have any advice or an example of somebody doing, that’s making sales, but maybe it wasn’t dropping as much money or the bottom line, or they had something that they did or that you did to make sure more of the money you’re earning drops like a rock?

David Asarnow: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that’s one of the things that I joke about and you and I talked a little bit about earlier with entrepreneurs is most small business owners, influencers, digital marketers, they operate this special kind of accounting system called musta, M-U-S-T-A. And the whole thing is, I want you to think about this. If you have more money in the bank at the end of the month than you started with, you musta made money. Although, I joke about it, it’s funny because it’s so true and it happens with so many people.

The fact of the matter is it’s hard in the beginning because in the beginning you’re thinking about things that are closest to the cash and generating revenue. The problem is when you all of a sudden start generating that revenue, one of the things that I see with so many people present company included, I’m full ownership in that I’ve done this as well, that you start spending more money. “Oh I need to do this. Oh I need to do that.” And you start justifying why you just bought this giant 40 inch monitor that you don’t really need, but you think that you need. And then, “Oh, I just bought this new camera and I just spent $5,000 on this lens.”

I’m actually serious because I’m telling you all this from stories that clients have told me on why they needed to spend this eight to $10,000 when the fact of the matter is two months later they’ll come back and say, “Yeah, I really didn’t need that, did I?”

Jake Randall: The camera thing is too close to home for me, because I did the exact same thing.

David Asarnow: Go figure. It’s easy to. So there’s a couple things that you can do, and I have clients of mine that started with me, they were a quarter million dollar business. And eight years later we’re still working together and they’re over $10 million business.

And one is when you’re ready to, the most important thing that you can do is not invest in all of these things, but the right people to support you. Because you have a promotion when it’s yourself. You have a business when you have other people doing the roles and responsibilities, and you’re not doing everything.

And it’s really funny because when I started my business, by the way, I’m not a graphic designer and we started off doing websites. Okay, true story. I am not well, I know Facebook because I was one of the early adopters. I mean I ran my first Facebook ad in September, 2018 today. I don’t run any of the ads for my clients. I know how to grow a business and I know how to make money. I know how to create the strategic plan. And I’m really good, I believe that attracting an amazing group of people that care about our clients and treat their money like it’s their own.

So the best thing that you can do to grow yourself into a business, become more profitable, once you have enough money to be able to do it, is hire a good assistant. And then start looking at where you can start creating leverage. Because one of the things that I learned and why I created my business, I said, “You know how to create a business. I hire someone.” That’s really, how do I create a business? So when I started, I hired an assistant right away and then I went out and I got my first client. And then I got my referral and then I got a second client. And I had a business that was generating over $8,000 a month in revenue within the first 30 days.

Jake Randall: That’s awesome.

David Asarnow: I had a six figure business right away and then we were able to continue to grow it from there.

So how do you do it? You begin before you can, you work a little bit extra and put a little bit more in. One of the big challenges I hear with so many people and not that any of you listening to it, so other people right now. Is that I want to, I want to balance life. And listen, I’m not a Gary Vaynerchuk where he says, “Hustle, hustle, hustle 24 hours a day.”

And yet I say this, you could do whatever you want. But when I was launching something, I mean I’m 50 years old and I was launching something. I was putting in 20 hour days literally. For about five days straight I put in 20 hour days and I slept 15 hours. And then I did three more days like that. Why? Because when something’s important enough to you to do it, sometimes you have to put a little bit extra in, in order to get that lift off to get that acceleration. And not saying that they have to. I’m just saying that if you want to make a little bit more profit, sometimes you get a little bit more acceleration and its momentum.

Another thing, if you want to get more profit, I just said that word momentum. Momentum means consistency, it doesn’t mean I’m going to do this really hard for a week and then I’m going to take off a few days and enjoy the beach and travel around. It means I’m going to continue doing it one step. I’d rather someone work a little bit, one step at a time, one step at a time, one step at a time and never stop, then stop.

Jake Randall: I think it’s so important. And I loved, I actually really love, I’ve never heard it. I liked what you said about starting your business and hiring an employee. Because really, I mean people think about a six figure business as being like big, right? And I mean when you’re getting going, not would not if it’s old hat for you. But if you’re just starting out and you’re selling something six figures seems like the goal that everybody sets, right?

David Asarnow: First off it’s the first goal.

Jake Randall: Yeah, that’s the first goal, right? Yeah. That’s step one. And I think a lot of people just are too afraid to take that first step. And when you break it down like that and say like, “I hired somebody and then I went out and sold and got the first client and in one month that made $8,000 of revenue.” That’s all it is. Right? The math is actually simpler. I think we make that math problem more complicated in our brains than it really is.

David Asarnow: I’ll make it really easy. So if you want to make $1 million a year, how much do you need to make an hour?

Jake Randall: I’m not doing math, but I’m excited to hear this.

David Asarnow: $480 an hour.

Jake Randall: Okay.

David Asarnow: Okay. So people ask wow, “You charge $2,000 for an hour of your time.”

“Well, yeah, do the math. It’s not worth it for me to meet with someone if otherwise would I have a $4 million business.” Right? So I’m de-valuing my company myself if I don’t look at things that way. And that’s one of the things that I’ll say is, what is your time worth?

Here’s a funny thing. I interviewed someone and I asked them a question. They were freelancer and I said to them, “If I was to hire you full time, what would you need to make? Seriously, not that we’re doing right now, but it was the how are you full time, what would it be that you needed to make?” And they told me. And I did the you take that and that read divided by 2080 and I got the hourly number. And at the end of it I said, “So what is your rates?” And he told me, I said, “That’s interesting. Now you told me that you wanted to make this on an annual basis.” I said, “What if I was to guarantee you 10 hours a week, can I pay you that plus an extra 10%?”

And they’re like, “Yeah.”

 And I said, “Okay, well that comes to this.”

And they’re like, “But that’s a quarter of what I told you.”

I said, “Well, I’m being realistic. I’m going to give you something guaranteed every single month and you get two other three other clients like me. You’ll make exactly what you want annually. Instead of getting me to hire you for a day and not hire you again for another three months. I’m talking about how you can build this into a business of consistency.”

And he said, “Okay, deal.”

So I want you to think about this as well, it’s knowing math, knowing numbers and understanding what people really want. People want consistency. They want certainty. They want to know that money’s going to be coming in their bank every month. And I told this guy, he said, “What if you don’t have money?”

I said, “I will pay you X number of hours every single month. And if you, if you go under, I’m still paying it. If you go over, I’ll pay you more. Is that fair?”

And like last week you said, “Hey, I’m at 30 hours so far for the first half of the month is that okay?”

I said, “Yeah, I’ll pay for it and just continue working. I’m giving you the work. I wouldn’t give you the work if I didn’t need it done.”

Jake Randall:  So smart, I love that. That’s leverage right there.

David Asarnow:  Leverage, our famous friends across the pond say, leverage,

Jake Randall:  Yes. Oh, I love it. Man, there are so many good golden nuggets in here today. Really, I’m taking notes right now and just there’s a lot of good stuff I can implement in my own business.

Another thing that I want to talk about a little bit really quick and I know we’re running out of time, but what type of advice would you give to somebody? The number one thing of advice you’d give to somebody who maybe is making sales right now but wants to start bringing in sales more consistently? I know that’s a loaded question, a difficult one to answer. But just maybe some advice on that.

David Asarnow: I’ll give the advice I give to my clients. Consistency is all about momentum. And one of the challenges that so many people have when they’re bringing sales in the beginning. And I remember so much, I mean it was me. You get a client and then you focus on servicing that client and the sales pipeline falls off. And then you start wrapping up with that client. You work to get another client and you have that gap. So you have that up, down, up, down, up, down. You’ve got to always focus in on sales, Glengarry Glen Ross, if you haven’t seen ABC, (A) Always – (B) Be – (C) Closing… Always Be Closing. You can never stop working on sales in your business. And frankly, one of the things that I learned through Tony Robinson and Chet Holmes, you can hire an army of salespeople on straight commission as long as you can provide the good work, and they have something that they can sell and continually make money. So always continuously focusing on sales and you won’t have that problem.

Jake Randall: That’s great advice. Great Advice. David, thank you so much for being a part of our podcast today, and really fantastic gold nuggets. I feel like I should just write you a check. But we’ll send this our to all of our people.

David Asarnow: Fill it out to,

Jake Randall: Sounds great. And again that URL for everybody for the social media, it was correct?

David Asarnow: That is correct.

Jake Randall:  Awesome. Again, David, thank you so much for making the time today.

David Asarnow: My pleasure. Thank you. Have a great day.

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