SEO Strategies to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate


Every year, 2.3 trillion searches are conducted via Google, so it’s unsurprising that 70% of marketers enjoy more success with search engine optimization than they do with pay per click advertising. A tight SEO strategy can push you onto the first three pages of Google search results, delivering the kind of traffic you need to profit from your website.

SEO is more than just a ranking toolkit, though. The content you use to carry your campaign will engage your clients, earn their loyalty, and achieve the website conversion rate required to turn site visitors into buyers. The following tips will help you to achieve the returns on investment you’ve always dreamed about.

The Basics

SEO involves optimizing your website and other online content in ways that appeal to Google’s bots. A range of tools will optimize your content:

  • Place links in your blog posts and web copy that connect to high-reputation sites. This will earn you the high authority scores required to build rank.
  • Keep a blog of diverse, newsworthy content on your site using a keyword generator tool to win rank.
  • Post high-quality content so that your readers will provide backlinks to increase your authority scores.
  • Make sure your site’s UX is optimized with topic clusters, voice search capabilities, and mobile-first technology. This will ensure that the site appeals to the latest Google algorithms.
  • Post-video-based content on YouTube and share it on your site so that you will win rank on YouTube—the second biggest search engine in the world.

Content is King

Content marketing generates three times more leads than paid search marketing dollar-by-dollar, yet there are still brands who wrap it up in a generic consumer messaging package with underwhelming results. You can’t build a rocket ship with a sander and some paint, and you shouldn’t market with a shoddy collection of tools. Google’s algorithms assess content for depth and value, so make sure your content appeals to real readers.

Keyword spamming and thin content will alienate your audience and have knock-on effects on your Google rank. Add a few influencers to your stable to collect additional SEO value. Focus on delivering organic content rather than black hat SEO tools like link exchanges and registry listings. It will win you the lasting rank you’ve always dreamed of.

Appeal to the Right Demographic

SEO has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, and it can now deliver your content to the precise target market you’re aiming for, even in your city. Geotargeting your website with city mentions will appeal to Google’s latest algorithms. Add questions and answers within your niche, and you may even be lucky enough to be featured in Google’s front page Q&A feature.

Winning Sales

The vast majority of web surfers never explore beyond the first three pages of Google. That top-three rank is thus well worth fighting for. It receives nearly 30% of all traffic, so it’s the only way to earn the attention you need to expand your market share. Page one search results receive 91.5% of traffic to page three’s 1.1%.

Google changes the way it ranks content every week, so it can be challenging to keep up with the latest best practices. SEO service providers make a habit of staying on top of these complexities from day to day, so they’ll help you to achieve the conversion rates you’ve always dreamed about. A great campaign will bring you lasting results, so it’s the kind of investment that keeps on giving.

Patrick Watt is a content writer, writing in several areas, primarily in business growth, value creation, M&A, and finance. Other interests also include content marketing and self-development. Say hi to Patrick on Twitter @patrickwattpat

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