How to Avoid Excessive Car Maintenance Costs in the Winter


Winter weather takes a toll on our vehicles. Break downs are not just inconvenient, they are expensive. We give you four ways to help keep winter maintenance costs low in this article.

Use snow tires or tire chains

Getting through several inches of snow and ice takes a toll on your vehicle and the tires. To minimize the strain on your engine, it makes sense to use snow chains or tires when you live in areas that see large snowfall rates. These items help you get traction using less fuel. They also reduce the amount of wear and tear on your tires.

Get regular oil changes

Keeping your engine in good operating shape is important. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your engine running well is by replacing the oil and filter on time. This task is a quick chore that many people can do at home. The low cost for an oil change is much cheaper than replacing engine parts that wear out from thick and sludgy oil.

Keep at least half a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times

Did you know your fuel lines can freeze in the cold temperatures when you have little gas in your vehicle? Another advantage of having a half of tank of gas or more is the ability to run the car should you get stuck or travel to an unfamiliar area. You never know when an emergency will arise leaving you sitting and waiting for a tow truck or a ride home. Plus, the cost of having someone come out just to bring you more gas is a lot more expensive than keeping half a tank in your vehicle.

Have someone fix chips or cracks in your windows immediately

All chips will spread and spider across your windows when you leave them go for weeks or months. The cold weather is especially unkind to this damage. The freezing and thawing cycle causes the damage to expand and contract making it spread out faster. Automotive repair services to replace a windshield are much more expensive than hiring someone to fix a small area in the window.

By following these four tips, you can help avoid the high price of fixing big problems. Just like maintaining your home to reduce energy costs, you can maintain your vehicle to keep your winter fixes cheaper. Other tips include using a deicer in your windshield wiper reservoir and making sure your brakes are in good shape before the snow and ice hits.

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