4 Upper-Management Positions You Should Think About Applying For


If you have management experience, then you are likely to be in a position to get a great executive job. With the right skills and tips, you can land the job you have been eyeing for a while now. We talk about four of the best executive jobs to apply for below.

Marketing Manager

The Balance tells readers that these managers can make an average of over $144,000 annually. Starting out, you will only make about $70,000, but the opportunity to earn much more is huge. The top ten percent of marketing execs make over $200,000. So, if you are good at your job, then the potential to make an excellent living is great.

Information Systems Manager

With all the computers and advanced technologies on the market, this field is growing fast. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects an 11 percent growth in the industry over the next decade. People seeking management positions should consider these jobs as long as they have five years’ experience or more in computer information and technology. These jobs have a mean income of $68.00 per hour.

Chief Executive

People in this position can average nearly $200,000 a year. Landing one of these jobs takes a good bit of research, time interviewing, and knowing the company you are applying for inside and out. Getting help from a professional company to write your executive resumes is an excellent way to ensure you fully prepare for the interview process. These managers dedicate themselves to their companies and work long, arduous hours to ensure the business thrives and grows. Making a name for turning around unprofitable departments is one way to get noticed by companies looking for these managers.

Financial Management

People earning a good living need others who understand how to invest money. They want someone who can help them get a good nest egg together for retirement, children going to college, travel, and much more. Jobs in this field may start out below $65,000 a year, but climbing up the ladder can net the manager as much as $200,000 or more. The key is becoming a go-to person with a knack for understanding when and how much to invest.

Entering upper management is a rewarding career change for many people. However, landing one of these jobs takes a lot of skill, patience, research, and dedication. It is best to have someone help you. The ideal person is someone who has extensive experience working with executive candidates.

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