How to Save Money on Car Repairs and Parts


Owning a vehicle means routine maintenance and emergency repairs. To prevent yourself from losing an arm and a leg on auto fixes and upkeep, it is important to look for ways to save money. We have four ideas that can help you keep car costs low in this blog.

Use insurance approved mechanics

When you use a mechanic who takes your insurance, you can sometimes file a claim with the insurance company to cover the charges. If the repair is something the insurance covers, then filing a claim can save you from paying out of pocket. Sometimes, your insurance company can help you find a mechanic that is reputable if you do not know a trustworthy shop to use.

Buy tires in sets

Tires are often cheaper when you purchase them in sets. Many tire manufacturers offer discounts for purchasing multiple tires. Some tire shops will also include a free two or four-wheel alignment when you buy two or four tires. Even if you’re not planning to have all of the tires replaced at once, buying in bulk and saving those new tires for later can save you big bucks later on.

Have windshield repairs performed immediately after damage occurs

Any chip or crack in the windshield will get worse. When a pebble or other material hits your window and leaves a mark, it is important to get it fixed immediately. The more it spreads, the more it will cost to repair the damage. Many insurance companies will cover this damage under comprehensive coverage.

Opt for used parts instead of new

Sometimes, your vehicle may need an expensive part like a radiator or transmission. Instead of paying the high cost for new parts, you can purchase refurbished items. Often, you can get these parts from a junkyard with a small warranty in case of problems. It is important to stay away from used parts for electrical issues and your brakes. Sometimes, your steering parts are best bought new to prevent needing replacing after a few months.

Your car needs regular care. This upkeep does not mean you need a second job just to pay for the repairs. By being a savvy car owner, you can learn about questions you should ask the repair shop and how to tell when someone is trying to get more money out of you. Researching car issues can help you figure out what to ask and when.

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