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The Profit Junkie Podcast – David Asarnow

Jake Randall
The Profit Junkie Podcast – Ep. 005 – David Asarnow

The Profit Junkie Podcast with Jake Randall and guest David Asarnow – Episode 005

David Asarnow is an authority on Monetizing your business. Monetize It! is based upon David’s philosophy that if you are going to own a business, you might as well Monetize It! effectively. David is a sought after business consultant, business speaker, and business and sales trainer. Over the past nine years, in addition to building his businesses, David has been a leading business consultant for entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners looking to monetize and accelerate their business results.

Listen to this powerful The Profit Junkie Podcast episode with David Asarnow where he discusses his company Business Nitrogen and tells people where they can sign up for his one million followers challenge. Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

  • Why it’s important to have a large social media presence and how to do it.
  • Why it’s important to fail forward and fail often.
  • How using funnels can help generate more revenue.How to figure out what our time is worth.
  • The ABC of business: Always Be Closing.

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Jake Randall

Managed product creation and marketing BS Finance, University of Utah – Experience in late stage mergers and acquisitions. Jake also is the host for The Profit Junkie Podcast Click Here.

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