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Caleb O’Dowd is one of the Top Direct Response Marketers and worked for 3 years shoulder to shoulder with the late Gary Halbert, a man widely considered one of the greatest direct response marketers and copywriters of his era. Caleb started his own direct response business in the nutritional industry. He and his brother John started MultiChannelMarketing.com, where they help direct response companies grow their businesses in multiple channels, such as direct mail, magazines, newspapers, online, and more. Listen to this powerful Profit Junkie Podcast episode with Caleb O’Dowd about business models and marketing tactics, concepts and principles that he has used to adapt to any environment in order to succeed in business

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

  • How there is very little money to be made in acquiring NEW customers, and how your existing customers can be customers for life if you meet their ongoing needs
  • Why business owners who focus on long term growth have a higher success rate
  • Why knowing your top competitors and how and why they succeed will give you the roadmap to your own success 

The transcript for this podcast is available here.

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