What is Taxbot?


by Scott Rosenlof, Customer Experience Director

The story of Taxbot actually starts many years ago with a young CPA and Tax Attorney named Sandy Botkin. As a favor to his parents, Sandy was looking at their previous year’s tax return and discovered that many of the deductions they qualified for as small business owners were missed. Because of this, he dug deeper and found the same issues for the previous 3 years of returns.  Sandy amended those returns and produced enough money for his parents to take their first trip to Europe!

Later, as the Chief Counsels Office at the IRS training other attorneys and auditors, Sandy witnessed first-hand how much money small business owners are missing out on simply because they don’t have required documentation and a proper understanding of how deductions work. Inspired to help change the lives of others like he did for his parents, Sandy started TRI Seminars teaching the proven Tax Strategies he created to hundreds of thousands small business owners across the country. He went on to become a bestselling author, TV Small Business expert, and shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins and Suzie Orman.

In 2010 Sandy, along with business partners Tom Murphy, a successful entrepreneur and Real Estate Tycoon, and Jake Randall, a banker specializing in business merger and acquisitions, met together to find a way to use technology to open Sandy’s proven methods to a larger audience. Through research, focus groups, and countless interviews with small business owners, Taxbot LLC was born.

What started as a simple mileage and expense tracking app in 2011, Taxbot, under Jake Randall’s direction as CEO and Sandy acting as Chief Education Officer, has now grown into a full-fledged tax deduction system. Our users range from small Mom and Pop type of businesses to LLC’s, S-Corps, and multiple business owners. With a user database of over 100,000 we continue to grow every day.

We offer educational products ranging from our book/ audiobooks “7 Simple Ways to Legally Avoid Paying Taxes” & “Crack the Code”, to our 6 hour videos series on Taxbot University. All of our products have proven to save small business owners over $1,000,000.00 in Tax Deductions across the nation and Canada.

Taxbot has always positioned itself to work as a “partner with your tax professional.”  Because of this, over the years we have had countless number of requests for Tax Professionals that are familiar with our system.  We are now ready to take this next logical step in our business to create the Taxbot Certified Professional Network.  The partnership not only opens you up to receive new tax savvy clients from our user database, but also affiliate opportunities to make commissions for selling our products to your market.

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