How Smart CEOs Keep Their Business Connected & Up To Date



Good communication is integral to running a successful business. Keeping a business up-to-date, especially in the modern world where technology advances at a breakneck pace, is just as important and even more challenging. Here is how smart CEOs keep their businesses connected and up-to-date.

Messaging Apps

Mobile devices have revolutionized office workflow because they allow employees to communicate while on the go. With these apps, employees can work from anywhere and still remain in instant contact with the team. They can be sorted into groups, share files with one another and have access to all message history. Popular workplace messaging apps include Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business, Discord, SparkChat, and more.

Cloud Software

Cloud computing has proved yet another critically important business technology in recent years. Cloud options have left major, pricier software more affordable for small companies. They also allow team members to access projects and data from anywhere and collaborate in real time. This can be on anything from spreadsheets to documents to financial reports. Most cloud software is offered on a subscription basis for a monthly or annual fee.

A Good Phone System

Most businesses rely on a phone system to manage incoming calls from customers. These phone systems can provide customers with a menu to direct their call, support multiple lines, have the ability to put a caller on hold, and leaving voicemail messages on individual answering machines. Consider hardware as well and be sure to get bids and demonstrations from each phone service your company is considering. Seek out a good phone service for your business and your customers will have no problem getting in touch with you.

Social Media

Customers want to connect with their favorite businesses on social media. Social media profiles also provide ample opportunity for marketing and customer service, which help your business grow. There are quite a few social media sites out there but a company should not try and maintain a presence on all of them. Choose two to three that both have a large user base of your target audience and specialize in a format that best shows off your service or product. Expand from there if needed. Smart CEOs incorporate technology into their business model to boost productivity, better meet client expectations and facilitate communication both inside and outside their organization. Any business should consider using these techniques to keep their business connected and up-to-date.

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