samsung issue

Correcting the Samsung Issue


Android recently released updates to help with battery life. Unfortunately, the update may have changed some of your settings and will impact certain apps that use GPS or motion activity… apps like fitness and navigation – including Taxbot.

Due to this change, when you install or update Taxbot you will now see a pop up asking permission to remove “Battery Optimization” limitations for our app. This is necessary for Taxbot to run in the background and track your trips correctly. For all phones (except Samsung), say “Yes” to the permissions. Next, with the app still open, switch the Auto Tracking toggle off and back on to ensure the new permission activates. Then you are ready to go.

It’s important to note that we at Taxbot are very conscious of battery usage. We are optimizing and trying to save your battery.

Special Instructions for Samsung Users

Samsung phones had an even more drastic change that requires you to change your settings manually AFTER giving the permissions mention above. It’s easy, just follow this diagram.  After updating your settings, open the Taxbot app and switch the Auto Tracking toggle off and on to ensure the new permission activates.


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