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As my thought for the week, I decided to post a discussion that I had with my primary care physician. After my normal exam, he stated something curious, “You know, Sandy, you are going to die, right? In fact, it is inevitable.”

He basically was bringing up two issues. The first was about the inevitability of death. However, the second, less obvious issue involved the meaningless of life since we will all die anyway. Tolstoy, the famous author, also discussed this in one of his essays. So, I thought I would post my response:

“Yes, it is true that I will die eventually. That is clearly my and everyone’s fate. As I see it, we have two choices: We can give in to the “mechanicalness” of our normal lives or rebel and fight as long as we have breath. If this means changing our eating and exercising habits and going to more check ups in order to possibly live a bit longer, so be it! If this means finding the time to see our kids, enjoy our lives or pursue a passionate dream, we should  “go for it.” If this means fighting cancer with all our strength till our last breath, great.

I will NEVER surrender to my fate. I will rebel with my whole being and seek to do whatever I can with the moments that are given me. Thus, I will always rebel… not surrender to my fate, but fight it!”

I left the room leaving him a bit speechless.

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