News You Can Use: July 2018

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Summer Bargains

Traveling to Europe from the U.S. will be cheaper this summer than in the past four years, according to The site recently looked at the cheapest European destination for all 50 states for Summer of 2018. The winner is Reykjavik, Iceland with Dublin, Ireland coming as a close second.

Care Giving

Sadly, most Americans are woefully under-prepared for the costs of care giving. According to a recent study, 7-in-10 caregivers provided financial support to a loved one yet only 25% expected to do so. Here is the real catch: 675 of care givers cut their own living expenses to cover the costs. It is thus very important for everyone to long term care insurance especially once they hit age 50 or so.

Auto Insurance

Many people have two homes and spend only part of the year in any one state. If this describes you, you might be able to save a LOT of money by reducing your insurance coverage on cars not used to only have comprehensive coverage. This could save as much as 80% of the premium. A lot of snow birds who live in Florida for only a few months a year can save a bundle doing this. Look into this with your insurer.

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