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You are having a nice family dinner when the phone rings. When you answer the call, it is a recorded message about something that you couldn’t care about.

Robo calls are annoying and result in the highest complaints to the government. Even worse, internet powered phone systems have made it easy and cheap for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world and yet hide from law enforcement by displaying fake caller IDs.

The good news is that the Federal Trade Commission is leading several initiatives to develop technology based solutions and continue aggressive law enforcement.

Until the FTC develops workable technology, what can you do to help stop these pesky calls?

  1. Register on the do not call list. This is an essential step.
  2. Report violations to the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call registry. Once the technology develops to track and trace the callers, the FTC announced that they will target these illegal scammers.
  3. Hang up on the call. Do NOT press “1” to remove yourself from their list or to speak to a live operator. If you do press “1” it will simply lead to more calls.
  4. Besides reporting these calls as violations to the Do Not Call registry, report your experience to the FTC at 888-382-1222.
  5. Consider investing in “NoMoRobo.” This is a software service that works with most phone or internet companies that help block robocalls.

NOTE: Some robocalls are allowed that are purely informational such as flight status or cancellations, appointment reminders, pharmacy refills, etc. They just can’t promote a product or service. Other exceptions sadly include political calls. Also telephone carriers and charities are exempt if the banks or carriers or charities make the calls themselves.

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