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Did you ever get calls from Apple or from Microsoft services/fraud department alerting you that your computer might be infected and needed immediate attention? This is a scam. Here is a recent announcement by the FTC:

“As part of its ongoing crackdown against tech support scams, the Federal Trade Commission has obtained settlements with a group of St. Louis-based defendants who used deceptive Internet pop-up ads to trick consumers into buying unnecessary technical support services.

In a complaint filed in October 2016, the FTC alleged that the defendants worked with affiliate marketers to place pop-up ads falsely claiming that a consumer’s computer was infected and that the ads originated from legitimate technology companies like Apple or Microsoft. The ads included dire warnings and urged consumers to immediately call a toll-free number for help. When consumers called the number, they were connected to telemarketers based in India who falsely claimed to be affiliated with Apple or Microsoft. The telemarketers claimed they needed remote access to consumers’ computers in order to diagnose the problem. Once given access, the telemarketers showed consumers innocuous screens and directories on the computers, deceiving consumers into believing that these were evidence of problems that required immediate repair.”

Sadly, even though the FTC caught these guys and are putting them out of business, more will pop up to do the same things. You will NEVER get calls from Apple or Microsoft about your computer unless you contact them first.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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