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I thought I would do a new type of post on consumer tips twice monthly. If most of you like them, I will continue with these types of tips. If not, I will stop doing them and simply continue with what I have been doing.

Whole Foods Deli Turkey

Do you ever shop at Whole Foods? I normally like buying food there, which is cooked in the store. They have sliced organic deli turkey that is just terrific and organic , chicken breasts that can be bought at their deli. The price here is $12,99 per pound for the sliced turkey and the unsliced chicken breast.

The point of this is that Whole Foods, as does other markets, also offers a big salad bar, which contain both cut up turkey and chicken. Interestingly, I just found out that the turkey and chicken found on the salad bar is the exact same turkey and chicken sold on the deli except that the salad bar costs only $8.99 per pound. Thus, why not load up on turkey and chicken at the salad bar and get them at 40% off the deli price! Check it out where you live. You will find this to be the case.

Just Say No!

Say no to high-pressure sales pitches. If the offer is only good today, walk away. I have found, especially at large seminars, that I can buy the exact same product sold at these events from the vendor’s web site for MUCH less. For example, someone was selling an interesting asset protection program at a seminar for $1,000. After the event, I went on the web to check out the vendor’s company and found the exact same product for $250!

I’m calling from…

Never, ever donate money to paid solicitors over the phone. NEVER! First, you don’t know who these people really are or if the charity that they supposedly represent exists or even if they will donate any part of the money that they collect. Many scammers will call and represent real sounding, legitimate charities yet keep all of the donated money.

Secondly, telemarketer get a huge percentage of what they collect. I have seen as much as 80% of the donation given to telemarketers as a commission. If you really want to donate to the charity, call up the charity or do a Google search for their address and donate to them directly.

Finally, if you donate to a telemarketer, they spread the word, and they will sell your name of every other telemarketer around, which means a LOT more calls.

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