Why Trump Beat Clinton: Part 1

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Here is Part I of Why Trump beat Clinton. Later, I will start to discuss the tax and economic implications of a Trump victory and what people can expect from him in the first 100 days

Well that was an election for the ages.

I have had a number of people private message me about Trump’s victory. Here is a typical letter…

Sandy, I can’t believe that this lying piece of crap ( yes they said that), won the election. What is wrong with the American public?

Here was my response…

Trump knew four things that both the Democrats and Republicans didn’t know.

First, he knew that there was a huge amount of anger and frustration among voters, particularly white male voters, towards the federal government. Any agent of change would be very welcomed. I don’t think that anyone, especially Hillary, understood the frustration and anger that many Americans had towards our government and towards the parties. In fact, I had one friend say to me that whenever Hillary said she wanted more diversity in business and government, he interpreted that to mean more jobs and opportunities for minorities and less for people like him. I would bet that there were many white males who thought the same thing.

Secondly, my dad voted for Trump. His reason was simple, “Trump has some potentially good ideas while Clinton has none.” My dad was even willing to give Trump a chance regardless of some of Trump’s vile statements, although my discussion about the potentially huge deficits that Trump’s policies may cause did concern him.

Trump understood that some economic plan is better than no economic plan. Hillary was a tax and spend Democrat on steroids. There was nothing that anyone felt would either improve the economy or create jobs. In fact, anyone who took economics 101 in college would know that raising the minimum wage makes us less competitive world wide and creates less jobs, which is probably one reason why college educated folks also voted for Trump.

Note: Hillary waged a bad campaign. She gave no compelling economic message as to why people should vote for her. All her advertising was about the downsides of Trump that I believe people knew.However, there was no message about why we should vote for her. other than she will help families whatever that means. Trump also knocked Hillary in ads,but also presented advertisements with an economic plan and message. Thus, the lesson is that having only negative ads won’t work unless you can make an independent compelling reason why people should vote for you.

Trump also wanted to reduce taxes and somewhat simplify the tax brackets. Hillary wanted to raise taxes and make more tax brackets, which is never popular unless you have one heck of a reason for it.

Note: Hillary might have been more popular if she was going to use the tax increases to balance the budget and pay off the deficit. Sadly, she wasn’t going to accomplish either goal

Thirdly, Trump understood the frustration with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). People are still suffering from sticker shock over the much higher premiums and much higher deductibles.

Finally, Trump wanted to prevent Muslims from entering the country without proper vetting and to shore up our borders from illegal immigrants. This might not be politically correct, but a number of people that I know privately agreed with this. Hillary wanted to increase immigration especially migrant immigration from Syria, which I believe scared a LOT of people.

To Trump’s credit, he stuck to his guns despite a LOT of criticism by both the media and by even his own party. He has always been a risk taker, and this time it simply paid off.

My only surprise was that this frustration with government and the current political parties was not enough to keep them from re-electing most congressional incumbents running for re-election.

So there you have it. Next time, I will post what we can expect from a Trump presidency in the first 100 days of his administration. Stay tuned.

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