Banking Integration Update

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In the spirit of innovation we have updated our online banking integration. You will now need to login to Taxbot and reconnect your online banking to Taxbot in order to continue to get your transactions synced into your Taxbot account. We apologize for the inconvenience but I think you will see why its so important to us.

Make sure you update your info before the timer runs out. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on any deductions that might have been found.

Why are we upgrading?

In the world of bank account aggregation (fancy word for connecting to your bank account) there are quite a few providers of the service. In the past we have always worked with the one we thought had the best security and most coverage of banks. However, if your bank changed one little thing then the provider had to update their code. While this connection was being fixed users at that particular institution couldn’t access their banking through Taxbot. So… we are moving to a system with multiple back up sources of data. So if one provider can’t connect to the bank then we can switch you over to the other provider automatically so you don’t experience any downtime.

Is it secure?

Absolutely! We still use 256 bit encryption and bank level security. In addition, we actually don’t store any personal information such as usernames and passwords. When you connect Taxbot to your bank your personal information is not stored. You are just making the one time authorization for Taxbot to pull in tax deductible transactions. So yeah… its secure!

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