Money Saving Tip: Add Parents to Family Cell Phone Plan

Sandy Botkin
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Money saving tip: I have an unlimited usage plan with Verizon. I also have a family plan as I am sure that some of you also have. My dad, however, has his own cell phone plan and was paying over $60 for his monthly usage plus he paid for his land line.

My idea was to add my dad to our family plan. The cost would be only $30 per month for a regular phone and $40 if he wanted smart phone,which he didn’t. We cut his cell phone costs and he can drop his land line since we have unlimited usage. Everyone won here except for Verizon. Consider adding parents and other relatives to one family plan. The maximum amount of of lines you can have for a family is generally 5; however, if you subscribe to their unlimited usage plan, you can have up to 10 people on one plan.

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