Tracking Business Cash Outlays for Out-Of-Town Trips

Sandy Botkin
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I am currently at a convention in Dallas, Texas. I am finding that there are a LOT of cash expenses that I am incurring for tips: shoe shines at airports, snacks, and some taxi fares etc.  I am sure that the same types of expenses will be incurred by you when you are out of town on business.

It is VITAL that you track these cash outlays in a tax tacker like Taxbot. I promise you that if you don’t log these expenses in daily, you will lose a LOT of deductions. I am easily incurring $10+ dollars a day on the average and will spend a lot more on the starting and ending day of my trip. Take a tip from me: get into the habit of logging these expenses daily or it can easily cost you $50 or more in lost deduction for even a short trip.

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