Three Simple Questions Successful People Ask in Order to Change Themselves and the World

Sandy Botkin
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Being a tax lawyer, I get to meet highly successful people. Frankly, there isn’t that much of a difference between the multi-millionaires and the rest of the population, EXCEPT they tend to ask themselves three incredibly simple questions that enable them to achieve things that others can’t. Here are those three simple questions:

1. What outcome do I want? If you want to achieve any goal, such as weight loss or business success, starting backwards from a specific outcome is vital. You need to know your outcome or you will wander aimlessly and achieve nothing.

2. What stands in my way? You need to list all the obstacles that stand in your way.  Prioritize them as to their importance and then list the ways to overcome these obstacles. This is a vital step. If you want to lose weight, as an example, simply list the things that are necessary to overcome why you haven’t lost weight and what you need to do. Business success is handled in the same manner.

3. Who has figured this out already? It is amazing how many people feel that they need to invent the wheel. Simply searching the internet can answer many of your questions by showing how successful people have overcome the obstacles you have listed. There is an old saying, “Stealing from one person is plagiarism. Stealing from many people is research!” I promise you that almost any idea can be stolen….er…borrowed from other successful people.

This was derived from Accountant’s Daily World and Forbes Magazine.

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