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I want to welcome you to our Taxbot site and to our blogs. Taxbot will be a very cool and necessary iphone and Droid application that will “automatically” keep track of your deductions by asking you the required questions need to bullet proof your deductions from even the smartest tax examiner. It will has an integrated scanner for your receipts that you can attach to your documentation on our web server. Moreover, it has an integrated mileage tracker with a GPS that can automatically keep track of your business vs personal mileage with the touch of one button and automatically log the address of your business stops. Pretty cool, huh? In addition, it will be much more than an application since membership will include access to my complete tax strategies program, tax and financial planning videos and audios, tips and much more. You can even get your short questions answered here. I hope you enjoy our site as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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