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How to Score Well at a Job Interview

Sandy Botkin
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Job interview myths: This posting can really help you if you ever end up looking for a job. Knowing these myths and how to combat them, will set you ahead of the pack for most interviews. Show this posting to anyone who is either unemployed or looking for a job.

Myth 1: The interviewer is prepared. This usually is nonsense. They might have had very little time really scrutinizing your resume. Your best bet is for you to be prepared. Thus, you need to read over the advertisement or job posting VERY carefully and emphasize the skills needed. Thus, if it is a job for public relations, you need to focus on past performance that involved writing, successful public relations, communication skills. etc. Be prepared.

Myth 2: The interviewer will ask the right questions for you to show your strengths. This is also usually false. You need to prepare some bites of information that you will tell them regardless of the questions. Again, be prepared

Myth 3: The most qualified person gets the job. I would be astounded if you really believed this. The key is to research the company, Check the news for the company. Research job interviewing questions specifically such as “what are you weaknesses or why we should hire you.” Be polite and friendly, never… ever… discuss or mention controversial topics such as politics, sex, or religion. If you know the name of the interviewer, check them out in Facebook and LinkedIn. Finally, looks matter! If you know someone in the company, check out their dress code requirements. When in doubt, look professional with clean, and newly pressed clothes. No bed head. You should look, smell, and sound professional.

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