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Dependent Care Credit

I love tax credits. They are a yummy dollar-for-dollar reduction in your taxes. It is like receiving free tax-free money. One such credit that we will be discussing is the dependent care credit. Generally expenses for the care of children under age 13 and for qualifying relatives, such as aging parents who live with you...Read More

Sandy’s “Angry” Thoughts

Throughout my life I keep running into people who say thoughtless and sometimes hurtful things. One of my friends just experienced that with a former close friend of hers. Thus, I thought I would post this in order to have people really watch what they say because WORDS DO MATTER!! There once was a little...Read More

What Might Retirement Look Like for You?

Careful planning had always been the key for ensuring a successful retirement. From attending to financial matters to finding and selecting a retirement community able to provide access to the full range of hobbies and leisure activities, attention to detail can be of the utmost importance. A well-planned retirement is never a matter that should...Read More

3 Financial Perks of Working from Home

Over the years, more companies have embraced the concept of telecommuting. When it comes to the telecommuting option, it allows companies to widen their net of prospects for particular jobs. They can open up the jobs to more qualified people who might live in other states. From an employee’s perspective, there are so many benefits...Read More